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Today I Am Thankful For:

  • Not doing the traditional Thanksgiving turkey thing.  Nope.  Today I am ordering a pizza and drinking pints of Guinness.  Why waste a perfectly good day of football spending it in the kitchen (or stranded at the airport because of the weather)?
  • Football.  Others may be binging on turkey, but I will binge-watch my day away with football.  Bonus: football has no calories!  No wasting my long weekend at the gym allaying my guilt of over-eating.
  • The guy who came up with the whole DVR concept.  I record all my favorite shows so I watch them on my schedule.  My favorite feature: the fast-forward button to blast past all those annoying “Black Friday Sales” that have been airing since BEFORE Halloween.
  • The choice to avoid “Black Friday” all together.  Sorry, but offering me 20% savings is not worth my sleeping in.  If you want my business, you will offer me the best deal whenever, if ever, I decide to grace my presence in your store.   If you are not willing to do that then there is always Amazon.com.
  • Amazon.com.  Thanks to them I have been able to set foot in the mall a LOT less often.  Bonus: not having to navigate swarms of Abercrombie & Fitch clad, hyper-texting pre-teens.
  • My loving wife, who gets me and allows me to get away with avoiding traditions, opting out of the Christmas shopping hype, and watching lots of football.