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As a researcher myself, I am always on the lookout for interesting stuff.  Here’s one I found while reading my Pulse app this morning: If Time Travelers Exist, They’re Lying Low on Social Media.  I have seen cybersecurity, and data analytics research regarding social media, but this is the first one I have seen for time travel.

If I understand this article correctly, researchers from Michigan Technological University scoured the popular social media networks for evidence of time travel and those who have done the traveling, but have not had any luck.

Well of course time travel exists!  Allow me to demonstrate it — and at significant savings to the tax payer.  Ready?  I ask you to pause for just one second.  Ok.  It is now one second later.  Congratulations — you have just traveled one second into the future!

Want to travel further?  Then wait a minute, an hour, 24 hours.  By this time tomorrow you will have traveled a whole day into the future.  It is a one-way trip so please use you time wisely.